There are a few yarns going round the wine world about our place - the Gibbston Valley, deep in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. They reckon it's one of the better spots to grow Pinot Noir grapes, so fifteen years ago we sent the last of the sheep off to greener paddocks, and planted some vines.

Turns out the dry stony soil that made our pasture so poor grows pretty good grapes. Seemed like we were onto a good thing, so we planted more vines, trying a few different varieties. In two shakes of lambs tail we had one of the biggest vineyards in the region.

Size isn't everything, of course, but all manner of people seem to get quite excited after a mouthful of our wines. Michael Cooper even wrote "Possibly the best Pinot Gris to come out of Central Otago yet" about our 2003 vintage.

We're not given to displays of emotion - except on Bledisloe Test days, of course - but deep down we're a wee bit pleased with the kerfuffle our wines have caused. And we'd be even better pleased if you and your mates enjoy them too.