Tasting Room Menu

Our Tasting Room & Bar has had an amazing makeover, and is offering the following menu options, that you can enjoy with a glass of our wine, or local beers & juices.


Tasting Room Menu

Local Zamora cured meats & salami, relish, hummus, herb greens, grilled Turkish bread, pecorino cheese

Aoraki oak-smoked salmon, horseradish cream, ciabatta, preserved lemons, soft cheese, garden greens

Four local cheeses, quince, oat crackers, lavosh, olives
New Balfour Pecorino (sheeps milk)
Nevis Maasdam
Kawarau Blue
Wakatipu White Brie

Gluten free bread/crackers available

Tasting fee - $15

Mt Rosa Tasting Room


Mt Rosa Wines Glass Bottle
Pinot Gris 2017$10$30
Pinot Gris 2016$10$35
Pinot Gris 2018 (off dry)
Sauvignon Blanc 2017
Rose 2018
Pinot Blanc 2018 
Pinot Noir 2016$15$35
Pinot Noir 2015$15$45
Pinot Noir 2014$15$50
Reserve Pinot Noir 2016$20$75
.Mulled Wine Syrup (The Changer 375ml)$25
Altitude Beer$12

Steinlager Mid $7
Phoenix Juice$6

Mt Rosa Wines Tasting Room and Wines