Tasting Room Menu

Our Tasting Room & Bar has had an amazing makeover, and is offering the following menu options, that you can enjoy with a glass of our wine, or local beers & juices.


Tasting Room Menu

Local Zamora cured meats & salami, relish, hummus, herb greens, grilled Turkish bread, pecorino cheese

Aoraki oak-smoked salmon, horseradish cream, ciabatta, preserved lemons, soft cheese, garden greens

Your choice of three local cheeses, quince, oat crackers, lavosh, olives
Choose 3 cheeses from the following –
New Balfour Pecorino (sheeps milk)
Nevis Maasdam
Kawarau Blue
Mt Rosa Romano
Wakatipu White Brie

Gluten free bread/crackers available

Tasting fee - $10

Mt Rosa Tasting Room


Mt Rosa Wines Glass Bottle
Sauvignon Blanc 2015$9$25
Pinot Gris 2010$9$27
Riesling 2016$9$27

Pinot Blanc 2016 


Rose 2016$9$25

Pinot Noir 2014$12$35
Reserve Pinot Noir 2014
Altitude Beer$12
Three Wise Birds Cider$12
Steinlager Mid $7
Benger Juice$6

Mt Rosa Wines Tasting Room and Wines