Trade, Media & Distribution

More information for those people who spread the word. May it spread as quickly and comprehensively as the rabbit population at our place.

Trade Buyers

Please contact us and we will supply trade prices.

We have distributors in New Zealand, and internationally. If you want to know how to get our wine, wherever you are - just drop us a line and we'll let you know the best people to talk to.

Deliveries to Australia

Sydney Usually same day
Rest of the Island A bit slower:
East Coast approx 3 days
West Coast approx 5 days

Tasting Notes

You can download a PDF of our tasting notes here

Media Enquiries

We are a pretty impressive bunch of people, and the world probably needs to know. If you want to know anything more, then contact us at the office:

Downloadable Bottle Shots are below.

Bottle Shots

Right click on any image to download high resolution bottle shot