The People at Mt Rosa

Working in the vineyard Mt Rosa

.When the Railtons first bought Mt Rosa it was principally running merinos (hence the logo) and rabbits, all the previous are still here apart from one. 
Guy and Ann bought in to Mt Rosa mid 90s . Guy is actively involved in running the outfit.
Gary. Got involved and set up and designed the vineyard, therefore it’s all his fault.
His pedigree is ex Canadian, brought secretly to New Zealand to steal its wine growing secrets. Instead of making it home he was ensnared by  a wily Kiwi woman. Now his life is officially someone else’s.

Sue. Job description:  Human resources manager, government liaison point of contact, filler in of all bureaucratic paperwork, interpreter of Gary's garbled wishes in the vineyard. Sue is fearless in the pursuit of excellence in the vineyard - some of our Vanuatuan workers refer to her as “the whispering white death”

Rob. Formally Mt Rosa sales person for Stewart island, we laid him off there due to failing to meet reasonable sales figures, ie 1 case. (we employed Marilyn, his wife, instead. She is far better). We reemployed him on the vineyard to work more or less solely in his mobile green office (tractor).

Dawn and Jenny. The golden girls, ex Sam Neill's vineyard, ex millions of other lives, age would be Bradmanesque test batting average. They jointly preside over the Blk 2, Cl 115, where they only allow the best grapes to flourish under their strict guidance. We are not allowed in the block unless the ladies deem they require an audience. This is also the block that some of our best fruit consistently comes from.

Hamish.  Our own  Scotsman, ex jockey, ex NZ Lightweight Boxing champion.  Even more important and impressive a former Oneroa cobbler.  Hamish tried to claim Mt Rosa as a Scottish colony  by planting the Scottish flag on the Little Mt Rosa hill, unfortunately for Hamish and Scotland the granny knot he used failed and the flag fell. Due to the vast wages Hamish receives from us he has gone to Thailand for a month working as our Asian marketing rep, he will no doubt be based in a ping pong bar in Bangkok.  We are expecting great things from him whilst he is there.


Joseph "The Horse" Naoka. One of our key Vanuatuan workers from the Island of Tana.  He listened to Hamish's impassioned descriptions of kilts and colonisation and tried to reclaim Mt Rosa for Scotland and the Island of Tana and got it slightly wrong, probably the broad Scottish accent threw him a tad.   See photo below

Seamus.  Fron County Mead, Ireland.  He took over after  the disastorous experience we had with the Irish Tumbleweed, Gary McGuiness.  Seamus has had extensive experience with "taters"and decided to work with grapes to broaden his tater growing experience.  He is an accomplished Karioke performer but it may be a bit more polished if he didn't fall of the stage periodically whilst performing. Seamus has now left us to pursue his true love of taters in his native Ireland